Formula One Racing with Patrick Imbardelli

As a respected leader and executive in the hospitality industry for more than three decades, Patrick Imbardelli has been dedicated to finding the highest quality services and products that will best serve his clientele. As can be expected, this demand for excellence in his business practices has become a personal pursuit for Patrick Imbardelli as well.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding examples of his taste for the very best is his interest in Formula One racing. There is no question that this particular sport stands at the very top and elite spot in the charts of auto racing. With Formula One racing, you will see race drivers who are handling the fastest single seat race cars which commonly reach speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour.

There are many facets of Formula One racing that will be explored and revealed on this website. Patrick Imbardelli is known for his meticulous and inclusive approach to any activity or event that captures his interest and attention. That same method will be apparent in upcoming posts that focus on this popular international sport.

For starters, you will be given a peek at the estimated cost of creating a Formula One racecar along with exploring the original beginnings of this exclusive yet fascinating sport that requires the construction of special racetracks and customized vehicles that cost as much as $120 million apiece to construct and prepare for competition.

As a person who has followed this compelling and exciting sport for many years, Patrick Imbardelli still feels the same enthusiasm and enjoyment he felt when he saw his first race. To him, it is no surprise or accident that Formula One racing continues to grow in popularity and interest.

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