Celebrating 65 Years of Formula One Racing

Patrick Imbardelli cordially invites you to join him in the celebration of 65 years of exciting and memorable Formula One racing. Considered to feature the most elite and fastest racecars in the world, Formula One racing demands that the racing team be composed of the most skillful driver handling one of the most intricate and swiftest single seater cars in the world.

It is not uncommon for the builder of a Formula One racecar to invest more than $100 million in order to create one of the finest and fastest racing machines to hit the racetracks. While many types of auto racing have held spectators in thrall for more than half of a century, nothing can come close to comparing with the excitement and suspense that fans experience each year during the arduous and long series of high stakes races that makes up the Grand Prix of Formula One racing.

Originating in Europe, Formula One is now an international sensation that invites contestants from all major continents and countries to take part in this supreme and indisputably best series of auto races launched each year. The drama often extends beyond the racetrack as the rich and famous gather together to witness some of the most exciting auto racing to be offer to its admiring public.

One off-track figure that has earned the great appreciation and respect of Patrick Imbardelli is Bernie Ecclestone, who is broadly credited for converting this spectator sport into a multibillion-dollar enterprise in the 1970s. By rearranging the management of the commercial rights of Formula One racing, he boosted its recognition and popularity to become one of the most visible and vaunted auto sports in existence today.

Even though the first 65 years of Formula One has offered unforgettable and enduring enthusiasm and drama to this leader of spectator automotive sports, the future of Formula One will be even more exciting and enthralling. With each new advance in automobile and engine manufacturing, new possibilities and potential new records are anticipated on into the upcoming years and decades of the most admired and respected automobile spectator sport around the world.

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