Funny Cars that Go Ultra-Fast

The concept of a single-seated automobile must have captured a lot of attention back in the early 1950’s, when the first Formula 1 cars were made and displayed for the world to see and admire. Looking nothing at all like the family car that had grown in such popularity in the rising middle class, they were also amazingly fast.

In fact, their bodies appeared to be built to minimize any kind of drag that may slow it down on a race track. Much of the appearance made them look like miniature rockets ready for takeoff. And once they did take off, it was no surprise to the spectators that they sped off like little land-bound missiles, leaving behind a small cloud of dust and gas vapors and a sense of astonishment amongst the onlookers.

Even though auto racing similar to Formula 1 was a popular sport among the upper crust throughout Europe as early as the 1920s, it was not until 1950 that Formula 1 racing was truly established. Now, more than 65 years later, the cars may still look rather funny, but no one laughs when they rev up and prepare for takeoff. Being capable of reaching phenomenal speeds of more than 200 miles per hours, these automotive beauties definitely belong in an elite and unique class of their own. When one considers the amount of money that is invested, it is clear that this is more than simply a sport; there is a clear element of art that is also put into each automobile that is designed.

As a person spends more time learning about Formula 1 racing, the more fascinating and involved it can become. Learning about the finer points such as the history of companies and teams that have been such a significant part of Formula 1 racing simply adds a greater appreciation of this sport that is also a unique form of art. Patrick Imbardelli hopes that you enjoy this upcoming season!

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