Manufacturing a Formula One Racecar

Patrick Imbardelli has been fascinated with all aspects of Formula One racing for years. One element that always holds his close attention is the manufacturing of a Formula One racecar.

Over the years, there were two terms that were integral to Formula One racing: the “entrant” and the “constructor” of the vehicle participating in the contest. Technically, an entrant is the person or corporation that registers both car and driver for each race and is also expected to oversee the preparation and maintenance required prior to the actual race. The constructor has been defined as the person or company who was the builder of the engine and chassis and which therefore owns the intellectual rights to such integral and elemental components of the vehicle. Together, the entrant and constructor form the team than ends up competing in the Formula One races.

Sometimes, different companies or individuals will create the engine and chassis of the racecar, in which case the constructor is comprised of both groups, with the maker of the chassis being listed first and the engine manufacturer listed second (i.e., Lotus-Climax, where Lotus built the chassis and Climax was the engine producer).

Since Formula One racing is considered the most elite auto racing competition in the world, constructors are highly motivated to vie for the number one ranking each year. The builders of Formula One chassis and engines include the most recognizable and respectable names in the auto industry today, including Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda, and Renault.

Of course, the driver is also essential to the success of any constructed Formula One racecar, but superior mechanical workmanship remains crucial to the ultimate victory in any Formula One race. For Patrick Imbardelli, following both car constructors as well as the many skilled racers who regularly compete in this exclusive and exciting contest between top drivers and automobile manufacturers is what adds even more excitement and suspense during each annual Gran Prix races.

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